About the dormitory

Living with the harbour in your backyard

Grundfos dormitory will give students the possibility to be placed in the brand new part of Aarhus by the harbour. The district will hold housing, industry, culture and recreational spaces and thereby create lungs for the city.

There will be established new harbour squares and a promenade stretch that will mark the original coastline of the city. Thereby you will be able to walk or bike along the sea and away from the traffic - from Riis Forest in the north to the forests of Marselisborg in the south.

The dormitory is well placed in relation to the main centre of Aarhus, study places, public transportation and library.

In detail the dormitory will be constructed as a 12-floor tower block with 159 youth apartments for 206 residents. The dormitory will be ready for occupation in August 2012.

A green profile

The dormitory has a green profile, which means that it will be build after the standard of low-energy class 2015, and will have a very low consumption of energy.

Grundfos and the board of the dormitory works on implementation of advanced energy technological solutions. They have the aim of reducing the behaviour related consumption of energy to a minimum. As a resident on the dormitory you will be a part of this project and contribute to the energy related goals and try out solutions that can help to support the green profile.


Apply for residence, contact "Kollegiekontoret" in Aarhus.
Website: http://www.kollegiekontoret.dk/home-en/