About the residents' council

The residents' council is comprised of 11 members. All residents monthly pay 25 DKK to an account administered by the residents' council. The money is spend on social events, things for the common room, maintenance on building and facilities etc. Furthermore, the residents' council is in charge of forming the regulations regarding use of the common room, administrating the leasing of our common room, and much more.

The residents council should function as representative of all residents of the dormitory. We do our best to accommodate the common good of all students residing here, but in order for us to know how to create the best social and physical environment, we need the residents to take active part in our work.

The residents council can have up to 5 alternates, whom usually function on the same standing as regular members. Currently we have 3 seats open for new alternates. If you're interested, you can send us an email, or talk to one of the members of the council, and we'll make sure to give you a more detailed introduction to our work.

However, taking part in the residents' council's work does not require being a member. We have biannual resident meetings, where all residents are invited to discuss all things related to the dorm. In the fall we present next years budget, and in the spring we look over the accounts of the previous year. Residents are also welcome to bring up their own discussion points for the agenda.

At last, we would just like to say welcome to Grundfos Kollegiet!
And if you should have any suggestions or questions concerning the dorm, you are always welcome to write an email to gkbeboerraad@gmail.com