New residents

You have moved in to Grundfos College :-)
As a resident at Grundfos College; you have the opportunity to participate in many social activities. In case you get bored one day, there will most likely be people in the common room ready to watch a film or play table foosball. These leisure activities are of course voluntary, but we hope that you will join in for all the fun!
To stay updated with what goes on at this college, you should join our Facebook group. Here, you also find the phone numbers for the janitor and the resident who keeps our shared (hammer action) drilling machine.

About Grundfos College 

Grundfos College is a new technical college in Aarhus. It is a 12-store building at the Northern pier of Aarhus harbor close to the city.

The college consists of 159 new apartments, housing nearly 200 residents. There are three types of apartments: 1-room apartment; 2-room apartments (accustomed to couples); and 2-room apartments with separate bedrooms (primarily for exchange students). All apartments have own kitchen and bathroom.

The college is located in the center of Aarhus, only a few minutes walk/biking from the cathedral. The new neighborhood at the harbor and the marina will become your backyard, including the beach bar, and within few years this part of the city will be full of life and become one of Aarhus' most interesting areas.

Grundfos College is run by a board, which consists of two members from the residents' council, two members of the city council, one member of the board at the Aarhus School of Engineering, and one member from the board at Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering. 

The facilities

The building has a common launderette in the basement, where machines can be booked by residents. You will also find vacuum cleaners in the launderette, which you are welcome to use. The basement further functions as the storage of our bicycles.

At the moment we are still in the process of decorating a little study room on the ground floor, where residents can go to escape the many distractions in their own apartments when studying. Of course it is expected that there is quiet in the study room.

As a resident at Grundfos College, you have the opportunity to partake in many social activities. Most of these take place in our common room, which you can read more about here.

Events are occasionally planned by the committees, Grundfos, and residents living here. Joining these activities is a good way to get socially integrated at the college.

To stay informed about upcoming events, you should check our Facebook channels and the information board at the entrance.

Documents that will be useful to get familiar with are:

 - House rules

 - Rules for use of the common room

We regret that not all our documents are in English, we are working on the translation. Meanwhile, you may ask other residents for help when needed.

Should you have any further questions, you are always welcome to write to the residents' committee by e-mail.

common room

Common room

The common room is situated at the 11th floor of the building (no worries - there is an elevator), and includes a terrasse with a view of Aarhus city and the harbour.