Booking of common room is suspended

Due to lack of resources in the residents council we have made the decicion to suspend bookings of our common room.

We might open up for bookings at a later point - should we find the resource to administer it. Until then, you will not be able to reserve the any part of the common room. Common facilities are available on a first come, first served basis.

If you are considering joining the committee we would love to hear from you. Just send us an email, or get in contact with another member :-)

Cleaning of the basement

It is time to clean the basement once again. This means that we will have to remove our bikes (the ones standing on the floor), otherwise the cleaning team won't be able to do their job. Please be helpful, and move your bike outside on the 12th of April, as the cleaning team is coming on the 13th.

We will remind you again when the time comes.

How to dispose of stuff

Household garbage must be packed in closed bags and thrown into the trash chute. Access hereto is located next to apartment 1 on each floor.

There are specific containers for glass and bottles on the opposite side of Marina house (our neighbours with the green and black balconies). Here you can also dispose of your old batteries.

Newspapers, advertisements, and other clean paper and cardboard should be put in the blue containers next to the shed, or in the disposals that are located in the centre between the four buildings. Do not place anything in these containers or disposals that is not categorised as clean paper/cardboard.

Other larger items such as furniture, electronic appliances, large packaging material and other objects can be left in the shed. It should be noted that the shed is not for household garbage.

Fire regulations

Due to regulation concerning fire safety, residents are not allowed to store various articles in the hallways or stairways. 

We strongly recommend that you comply with the above, for the sake of respecting the rules and as a respect for your own safety and that of your neighbours. 

All fire alarms in common areas are set up to notify the fire department in case of fire. This is not the case in the individual apartments!
Residents must hence contact the fire department themselves or on behalf of neighbours.

Thank you in advance.